Mar 27

Be an Ally — Help Tell Oconee County’s Story

One of the great things about social media is the ability for average folks like you and me to spread good news. Whether it’s pet pics, a beautiful casserole or a picturesque sunset, what makes these things so valuable is that they come from the heart. You cannot buy endorsements that will have a greater […]

Mar 05

Oconee Economic Alliance announces “Oconee Ally” program

Digital ambassador program to expand Oconee Economic Alliance marketing efforts with a focus on digital crowd sourcing The “Oconee Ally” program is a new digital marketing initiative established by the Oconee Economic Alliance to strengthen dialogue with community members, local business and industry, as well as investors. “Oconee Ally” program participants will be called on […]

Feb 27

Teamwork in Oconee County- ED 101

Communication within a team is extremely important in order for the team to be effective. With that in mind, the Oconee Economic Alliance decided to conduct economic development presentations, called “ED 101,” with the councils of the five municipalities in Oconee County. The goal of “ED 101” is to communicate and emphasize the efforts being taken to […]

Jan 30

Creating a better Oconee

How are you doing on your New Year’s resolution? I hope that’s not already a touchy subject, and I only mention it because at the Oconee Economic Alliance, we made a New Year’s resolution of sorts, which is to offer a better understanding of how we are doing on our job of fostering economic development […]

Jan 26

Unemployment In Context

It’s oftentimes hard to contextualize time. When you hear, “unemployment dropped to a 15-year low,” it can easily fail to connect. But take a second, think about where you were 15 years ago. Dabo Swinney was selling real estate in Alabama. Steve Spurrier was still coaching the University of Florida Gators. The first Harry Potter […]